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Up All Night


We are up all night creating niche content and sharing it on social media.


2 am is our most creative time!

Wikipedia says...

A night owl, evening person, or simply owl, is a person who tends to stay up all night, or the early hours of the morning...


The term is derived from the primarily nocturnal habits of the owl.  Most owls sleep during the day and hunt for food at night...


Usually, people who are night owls stay up all night, and extreme night owls (ahem...cough cough) may stay awake until just before or even after dawn. 


Night owls tend to feel most energetic just before they go to sleep at night...


Some research has found that a night owl is more intelligent, creative, and more likely to create high-paying positions...

A study among 1000 adolescents by the University of Madrid found that a night owl is better than early birds in intuitive intelligence, creative thinking, and inductive reasoning. However, they do lag behind morning larks in academic performance, and they tend to have unhealthier eating habits... Probably because they stay up all night and are too sleepy to make good decisions during the day.  LOL!

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